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We're committed to putting an end to boring Quickstop junkfood. Our aim is to replace the empty fillers of processed candy, cookies, and granola bars with a tastier nutritious alternative that will keep you filled and happy throughout your adventures. Joe's Mom's Travel Snacks grain free "granolaternative" products are proudly handmade in Southport, NC from a sultry mix of nuts, honey, maple, and coconut. They are the ultimate  snack for the beach, a day at the lake, hiking and anything in between!

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Whether surfing the curls or curling up with a good book in your beach chair, our snacks are great for any activity. Our products are tailor made to suit your on the go lifestyle, but also a great addition to any charcuterie board while unwinding from a hectic week by the lake. Primarily made from nuts and natural oils, we cut out the fillers that make  you feel slow and groggy to keep you active and energized. 

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