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Who We Are


Hey, y'all!.. my name is, Charlotte, owner of Joe's Mom's Travel Snacks, and  Joe's mom!


The purpose of the company is to provide a snack that has less processed sugar and preservatives.

Five years ago, after being diagnosed with a list of food intolerance's which included wheat, corn, rice and dairy, I was advised to eliminate gluten and processed sugars from my diet. It was not easy at first, but I became passionate about finding delicious and healthy ways to transform my traditional recipes into healthier versions that my family could enjoy during our adventures to the beach.


Along the way, I created a few unique nut blends. They fulfilled my need for a balanced snack between meals, since they provided a good source of protein, carbohydrates and fat. I shared them with family and friends and soon they were asking for more. That's when the idea for starting a business came to life. 

Welcome to the Nut House

Who is Joe?

Our Process


A whole bunch of nuttiness goes into bringing your favorite JMTS products. We start by trying to create balanced recipes that are grain free and wholesome alternatives to the average "grab and go" snacks.  Once we have our concept we move on to hand selecting our ingredients weekly to ensure we have the best possible product before it makes it to you for all of your snacking needs. 

We chop all of our nuts by hand to ensure a perfect consistency and texture.  All of our products are individually baked and packaged immediately in small batches to ensure freshness. 

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Who is Joe?

A Business and Marketing major and graduate from Drexel University, Joe has traveled the world working for several well known artists in the music industry as well as professional sports teams. A foodie and craft beer enthusiast, he is always finding interesting new flavor combos for us to try. 


When Joe was in college, he would drive down during his school breaks to visit us and spend time at the lake and beach. When it was time for him to return, I would prepare snacks he could take along for the journey. These snacks were packaged in the same bags we use today. He always shared the snacks with his friends when he returned. They noticed the bags and would comment on how much they liked the "concept".

Joe has a kind and generous heart, a great sense of humor, and is an amazing story teller.  Whenever he is away, his father and I look forward to hearing about his adventures when he returns.

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